31-35 Poland Facts


31. According to the Beer Price Index, the cheapest city in the world for beer is Krakow, Poland. – Source

32. After dividing Poland with Nazi Germany, Joseph Stalin ordered the “liquidation” of the Polish officer corps in 1940, resulting in the mass execution of over 25,000 Poles in what came to be known as the Katyn Massacre. – Source

33. On August 1st each year the people of Warsaw, Poland stop everything to pay homage to the Warsaw Uprising the largest rebellion of WWII. – Source

34. In some parts of Poland, it’s uncommon to casually celebrate birthdays, and instead, “name days”, the day a patron saint a person has been named after is dedicated, is celebrated by coworkers, etc. – Source

35. It took about 40 years for Poland’s population to return to its 1939 level. – Source

36-40 Poland Facts

Image credit: notey.com

Image credit: notey.com

36. In early 2015, a Dutch activist group used a drone to deliver “pregnancy termination” drugs to women in Poland, because abortion is illegal in the country. – Source

37. It will take 1,334 years for Poland to double it’s population. – Source

38. In the four year period between 1918 and 1922 Poland successfully rebelled against Germany, annexed Silesia, took over the capital of Lithuania, conquered a large part of Ukraine, and defeated the Soviet Union. – Source

39. Prior to the bombing of Dresden, Polish pilots found out the terms of the Yalta agreement, which involved handing over Poland to the USSR. They almost mutinied and had to be disarmed by their superiors. – Source

40. Poland was the only country in the European Union to avoid the recession. – Source

41-45 Poland Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

41. There are 15km of tunnels dug into chalk, under Chełm, Poland. These tunnels were dug right from the cellars of people’s homes; they eventually met up with other tunnels creating a vast network. – Source

42. 25% of mosques in Poland were burned in the year 2013. – Source

43. One of the reasons Germany invaded Poland in WW2 was for the free city of Danzig, which control a major seaport and in a bound customs union to Poland, but was made of 95% ethnic German people. – Source

44. Poland actually did use cavalry charges against the Germans in WWII, and despite popular belief, most of them were successful. – Source

45. Many Poles added ‘ski’ to their names to attain a higher social status since such names were accorded more respect from people of Polish extraction. Thus a larger proportion of Polish names carried this termination in America and Australia than in Poland. – Source

46-50 Poland Facts

Image credit: history.com

Image credit: history.com

46. The Black Plague completely avoided Poland but devastated every single country surrounding it. – Source

47. Augustus II the strong, 18th century King of Poland, imprisoned an alchemist to produce gold from base metals. Instead, to earn his freedom, the alchemist produced porcelain for the king. Although the king liked porcelain, freedom was not granted. – Source

48. There is a street in Poland named after Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. – Source

49. In 17th/18th century Poland, they buried their dead with sickles over their necks if they suspected them of being vampires. – Source

50. Poland was under-equipped in the Polish-Soviet War. So one Polish engineer designed, prototyped, and manufactured an armored car in 2 weeks from his garage. – Source

51-55 Poland Facts

Image credit: mining.com

Image credit: mining.com

51. There’s an old salt mine in Poland with an underground cathedral (among other attractions) in it, all carved out of & made from rock salt by miners. – Source

52. After WWII, the Polish took over a German-populated town in Poland and made the Germans wear yellow bands, gave them a curfew, and restricted them from restaurants. – Source

53. On Halloween in Poland, believers are encouraged to walk through forests whilst praying out loud so that the souls of the dead might find comfort. – Source

54. Poland has a Saint of Pierogies. – Source

55. Poland gets around 70mbps on their LTE network. – Source

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