Here are 25 fascinating Vampire facts.

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1. Porphyria, a collection of diseases where symptoms include severe sun sensitivity, prominent canine teeth, and peculiar behavior, is thought to be the basis of the Vampire legend – especially as symptoms are worsened by garlic. – Source

2. Chinese vampires are depicted in movies as hopping around because in the Qing Dynasty people used to pay ‘corpse carriers’ to return dead migrants to their hometowns. They’d been transported at night lined up on bamboo poles, which would flex as the carriers ran, making the bodies appear to bounce. – Source

3. Some cultures believed that Vampires were arithmomaniacs and if you were being chased, you could throw a handful of rice at them to force the Vampire to stop and count each grain. This could also be the origin of “The Count” from Sesame Street. – Source

4. The ancient Greeks believed that gingers turn into vampires when they die. – Source

5. A physics professor proved mathematically that vampires could not exist since, if they fed once a month and each victim became a vampire, within two and a half years the entire population of the earth would be one. – Source

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Old Vampire Grave

6. Not all vampires were staked through the heart, some were staked through the leg to prevent them from rising from their coffins. – Source

7. In medieval times, red hair was associated with moral degradation and intense sexual desire. Redheads were regarded as vampires, werewolves, and witches. The Spanish Inquisition singled them out for persecution, believing their hair to be sure sign that they stole the fires of hell. – Source

8. According to a Romanian legend, you’ll need a 7-year-old boy and a white horse to find a Vampire. – Source

9. Several ‘vampires’ burnt throughout history was because intestinal decomposition creates bloating which can force blood up into the mouth, making it look like a dead body has recently sucked blood. – Source

10. Malaysian vampires are tiny monsters that burrow into people’s heads and force them to talk about cats. – Source

11-15 Vampire Facts

Buried Dead with Sickles

11. In 17th/18th century Poland, they buried their dead with sickles over their necks if they suspected them of being vampires. – Source

12. The name “vampire” comes from the Albanian “dhampir” which means “to drink with teeth”. – Source

13.  One theory why garlic was thought to repel vampires was that it’s an antibiotic, and since vampirism was often thought to be a disease, it was harmful to them. Another theory is that garlic was believed to repel mosquitoes, and since they’re both bloodsuckers, vampires would also be repelled. – Source

14. 19th century New Englanders became convinced that tuberculosis was caused by the recently deceased draining the living of life energy, and dug up cemeteries and burnt corpses in order to end the “vampire” menace. – Source

15. In parts of India, Vampire prostitutes are believed to enter a man’s house naked in the night and suck his blood through his toes. – Source

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