26-30 Alcohol Prohibition Facts

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26. The term “86’ed” may have come from a bar at 86 Bedford St in NYC, and that during the Prohibition, police would phone ahead when they got a tip about an illegal bar and tell the bartender to ’86’ his customers (have them leave via the Bedford exit) while they came through the other door. – Source

27. During Prohibition, cases of liver cirrhosis decreased by almost two-thirds. – Source

28. During the Prohibition, some moonshiners used to wear cow shoes which left cow hoof prints rather than human footprints so they couldn’t be tracked. – Source

29. Ku Klux Klan was a major supporter of Prohibition, and actively attacked drinkers, bootleggers, and speakeasies. – Source

30. During the Prohibition era, boats laden with whiskey would leave Windsor, Ontario destined for Cuba and return the same day. – Source

31-36 Alcohol Prohibition Facts

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31. Tipping became common practice during the Prohibition. The loss in profit from alcohol sales caused proprietors to welcome tips, as a way of supplementing employee wages. – Source

32. Russia implemented Prohibition for 11 years, from 1914 to 1925. The ban was enacted even though roughly 1/3 of the government’s entire revenue came through the sale of vodka. It was called, “the single greatest act of national heroism. “ – Source

33. On the eve of Prohibition, some towns were so confident that alcohol was the cause of all crime, they actually sold their jailhouses. – Source

34. Countless apple orchards were burned by Prohibitionists during Prohibition. – Source

35. Iceland had Prohibition until 1 March 1989. The ban had originally prohibited all alcohol, but from 1935 onward only applied to strong beer (with an alcohol content of 2.25% or more). – Source

36. Suicide actually went down during Prohibition, and that more bars in an area usually means more suicide. – Source


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