Here are 21 Interesting Guinea Pig facts.

1-5 Guinea Pig Facts

1. In Switzerland, it is illegal to own one guinea pig because they are prone to loneliness. – Source

2. A guinea pig named Randy broke into a female enclosure and impregnated over 100 female guinea pigs. – Source

3. Guinea pig is one of the few animals that can’t produce their own Vitamin C. – Source

4. It was a lucky chance that penicillin was tested on mice instead of guinea pigs because penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs and thus penicillin would have been discarded. This possibly would have never made us realize the field of antibiotics. – Source

5. There was once a prehistoric species of guinea pig that was the size of a buffalo and had a bite that rivaled that of the modern tiger. – Source

6-10 Guinea Pig Facts

6. Peruvians consume an estimated 65 million guinea pigs each year. – Source

7. When a Guinea Pig Hops, it’s called “Popcorning”. – Source

8. Soviet guinea pigs have traveled to space and returned safely to Earth months before American humans did. – Source

9. Male guinea pig ejaculate is called “boar glue”. – Source

10. President Roosevelt had five guinea pigs named Admiral Dewey, Bishop Doane, Dr. Johnson, Father O’Grady, and Fighting Bob Evans. – Source

11-15 Guinea Pig Facts

11. Guinea pig teeth never stop growing. – Source

12. Guinea pigs do not exist naturally in the wild. – Source

13.The guinea pig is one of the few animals protected by the Animal Welfare Act. – Source

14. Some people consider Guinea pigs to be better than cattle. “A guinea pig herd consisting of two males and 20 females can sustain itself while providing meat for a family of six”. They sell for $17 a plate at a Peruvian restaurant in Queens. – Source

15. Guinea Pigs were originally used as evil spirit collectors in South America (where they originate from). – Source

16-21 Guinea Pig Facts

16. There is a hairless breed of Guinea pig called the Skinny Pig. – Source

17. During a campaign to close a British farm which bred guinea pigs for research, the remains of the farm’s owner’s mother were dug up and stolen, and then held for ransom. – Source

18. Guinea pigs often eat some of their poop because it contains vitamins B and K, made by bacteria in their intestines. – Source

19. The first performance-enhancing drug used in baseball was extracted from guinea pig testicles. – Source

20. John Cade injected Guinea pig with the urine of psychiatric patient and discovered the therapeutic use of Lithium. – Source

21. Guinea pigs are members of the cavy family, just like the capybara and wild cavies. – Source


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