26-30 Scotland Facts

26. 90% of Scotch whisky made in Scotland is exported. – Source

27. “Frankenstein” mummies were found in Scotland. 2 bodies made out of 6 people. – Source

28. A woman in Scotland registered herself by accident as a tourist attraction, becoming the nations 87th best destination. – Source

29. All Scottish Folds are descended from a single cat named Susie, found on a farm in Scotland in 1961, who was killed by a car three months after producing the first Scottish Fold kittens. – Source

30. In the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts is located in Scotland, not England. – Source

31-35 Scotland Facts

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31. In 1850, a severe storm in Scotland eroded a hillock, thus revealing “Skara Brae”, a well preserved Neolithic settlement. – Source

32. Scotland actually has dolphins, not just any dolphins but the worlds largest bottlenose dolphins. – Source

33. The Appalachian trail is being extended into Scotland, due to the shared cultural and geological heritage. – Source

34. King James I of Scotland was trapped in a drain and killed because it was blocked to prevent the loss of tennis balls. – Source

35. In the 18th century, to discreetly tax rich people more, Scotland imposed window taxes based on the number of windows your residence had. To this day you can see many bricked over windows from that time. – Source

36-40 Scotland Facts

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36. The village of Badbea in Scotland was so windy that children and animals had to be tied to posts or rocks to stop them being blown away. – Source

37. Researchers in Scotland conducted a study on the effects of music on dogs’ behavior. They played a variety of music to dogs and assessed physiological and behavioral changes. The dogs responded most positively when they were played reggae and soft rock over other genres of music. – Source

38. Half of Scotland is owned by as few as 500 landlords. – Source

39. There is a semi-feral breed of sheep in Orkney, Scotland, banned from grassland to preserve grazing, which adapted to survive on seaweed. – Source

40. The largest chunk of ice to fall from the sky was in Scotland in 1849. After a tremendously loud sound of thunder, a 6 meter wide ice mass weighing half a ton fell from the sky and narrowly missed a farmhouse. – Source

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