11. Minecraft. I was mid-twenties and they spent years trying to get me to play but I thought it was a kids game. I finally played one day and loved it so much that I spent the next four years way more into it than they ever were.

– DudleyDoesMath

12. My friend introduced me to the definition of narcissistic personality disorder. I was going through a lot with my family and constantly being gaslighted. She sent me articles all about it and I never felt more relieved to know I wasn’t insane and I was actually being severely manipulated.

– skyblue847

13. Buying better clothes.

I used to buy everything at Goodwill even though I saved up enough money to spend it. Nothing matched and it didn’t fit properly. Eventually, my friend took me out, told me to take some pride in my looks, and bought me new clothes. Looking back, I looked like the definition of a poor virgin. Thanks, Adam.

– BigMilk0

14. Honestly to myself because I’m myself when in front of him and I wouldn’t have discovered myself if he wasn’t my friend.

– primalbiscuit

15. Although I’d been a life long Stephen King fan, I had always avoided the Dark Tower series. A friend kept pushing me on them, insisting I would love them. Stephen King cowboys? No thanks. Finally he bought me the first four in a paperback gift set. Series is now one of my favorite reads of all time. I can’t thank him enough for insisting. Ka at work.

– asphaltstretcher

16. Not putting sugar in my coffee.

– CrediblyHandsome

17. Stardew Valley. It changed my perspective on a lot of things surprisingly, like turning children into doves. it can be productive.

– wastedrowan

18. Anime, was finally able to grow out a beard but for some reason it’s just growing around my neck.

– Beetle_Juice__

19. Happiness. I was deeply depressed and in a bad state until I met my now closest friends. After meeting them, I was able to finally get better and am now in a place where I can be happy.

– PM_Me

20. Brooklyn Nine Nine.

– helloalone13

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