Here are 17 interesting Organic Food facts.

1-5 Organic Food Facts

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1. 95% of consumers buy organic foods because they thought it was pesticide free, even though farmers use pesticides on organic crops. – Source

2. A Stanford study found little evidence of health benefits from organic food compared to conventional food. – Source

3. There is a mall in Sao Paulo that uses its food waste to create organic compost to plant organic food on its rooftop, which is then given to employees. – Source

4. There is an organization called WWOOF that connects people to organic farms all over the world. They host you for a certain amount of time; give you living quarters, food, in exchange for about 6 hours of work a day. – Source

5. Organic food promoter Jerome Rodale died of a heart attack on the couch of The d*ck Cavett Show after saying that he’d probably live to be 100 years old. He was 72. – Source

6-10 Organic Food Facts

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6. A red algae derivative present in many USDA-certified Organic Foods is a potent carcinogen (Cancer-causing agent). – Source

7. Amy’s Kitchen, the organic food company, is promoting a “Non-religious spiritual organization” where “No member is expected to donate money, but all is expected to donate time.” – Source

8. Out of fears of contaminated veggies and meat, government officials and athletes in China have a monopoly on organic food grown in the country. – Source

9. In 1974 there was a “Not-For-Profit” airline with organic food and waterbeds that went bankrupt in under a year. – Source

10. The FDA allows bacteria eating virus to be used as food additive even on organic food, without labeling. – Source

11-15 Organic Food Facts


11. Shoppers buy more junk food when they bring their own bags. People are 13 percent more likely to buy organic products when they bring their own bags and they’re also 7 percent more likely to buy junk food, such as chips and cookies. –Source

12. Walmart is the USA’s largest seller of organic foods. – Source

13. You can tell if your produce is genetically modified by the PLU number on its sticker. The code of GM food is preceded with an 8, while organic food is preceded with a 9. – Source

14. Whole Foods’ frozen organic vegetables came from China. – Source

15. Thinking about organic foods makes people less likely to be helpful and altruistic. – Source

16-17 Organic Food Facts

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16. McGill University conducted an analysis of 66 previous studies on organic farming practices and found that it can actually produce up to 34% less food per acre than conventional industrial agriculture when both systems are most comparable. – Source

17.  There is a company called “Portlandia Foods” and they sell organic ketchup. – Source

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