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40 Interesting Facts About Walmart

Here are 40 interesting Walmart facts.

1-5 Walmart Facts


1. Walmart loses $3 billion a year to theft. – Source

2. In 2015, a report found 100+ Walmart products labeled “Made in the USA” that are actually made elsewhere. – – Source

3. Walmart paid employees of “Walmart de Mexico” in company scrip vouchers usable only at Walmart stores until a court ruling in 2008. – Source

4. Norway stopped investing money into Walmart after determining that the company is guilty of “serious violations of fundamental ethical norms.” – Source

5. Before a hurricane, Walmart will fill their stores with strawberry pop-tarts. This is a result of their data mining and finding stores sold 7x more strawberry pop-tarts before the storm. – Source

6-10 Walmart Facts

walmart - cook-meth

6. Since 2011, there have been at least 4 incidents of people cooking meth inside a Walmart. – Source

7. Walmart was involved in a $24 million dollar bribery scandal to open stores more quickly in Mexico than the law allows. – Source

8. Walmart in 2005 had a “Singles Night” where people had bows on their cart if they were “looking” for someone. – Source

9. Walmart gives its managers a 53-page handbook called “A Manager’s Toolbox to Remaining Union-Free ” which provides helpful strategies and tips for union-busting. – Source

10. If Walmart were its own country, it would have the 25th largest GDP in the world or roughly the economic size of Belgium. – Source

11-15 Walmart Facts


11. Walmart recalled their donkey meat because it was contaminated, with fox meat. – Source

12. Walmart allows RV’s to park overnight, pending available space, as they are considered some of their best customers. – Source

13. Walmart only sells clean versions of albums and if an artist refuses to make a clean version Walmart will not sell it. – Source

14. Walmart lobbies congress to raise the minimum wage in order to impose higher costs on smaller competitors. – Source

15. Walmart’s CEO earns more in an hour than his employees earn in a year. – Source

16-20 Walmart Facts


16. The most popular item at Walmart is Banana. They sell more bananas than any other single item they carry. – Source

17. Approximately 5000 lawsuits are filed against Walmart each year or roughly 17 per day. – Source

18. In 2004, employees of a Walmart in Jonquière, Quebec successfully unionized their local Walmart. 5 months later, Walmart shut down the store, claiming they did not approve of the “business plan” the store made. – Source

19. In 2006, a Walmart in Canada, following a bomb threat, forced its employees to help police search the store for the bomb. – Source

20. The Indian government requires retailers to source 30 percent from small suppliers; this is one of the reasons Walmart is having difficulty expanding in India. – Source

21-25 Walmart Facts


21. Code Adam, a safety protocol for missing children created by Walmart in 1994 was so successful, it was passed as a law. – Source

22. 80% of herbal supplements in Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC contain none of the advertised herbs. – Source

23. Workers digging a hole for an ornamental citrus tree for a Walmart in Mesa, Arizona, found the fossils of two animals (thought to be camels) estimated to be 10,000 years old – they were dubbed the “Walmart Camels”. – Source

24. In 2008 Walmart, Coca-Cola and three other companies released an overly-patriotic movie called “Proud American.” It flopped at the box office and was IMDB’s worst movie of the 2000s. – Source

25. The reason Walmart has door greeters is because the mere presence of a friendly greeting makes shoplifters think twice before stealing. – Source


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