18 Interesting Facts About Flu

July 19, 2017
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  1. Bob says:

    I’m sorry, but where exactly is this ridiculous claim mentioned?

    I read the entire source, which was just the Wikipedia page, and no where does it suggest, hint at, nothing, of its ability to kill anything.

    In fact, the words flu, H1N1, or virus do not appear anywhere.

    The closest it comes is saying in Pennsylvania Dutch folk magic it was used to “prevent sickness” when worn in a pouch around the neck.

    Does seriously no one proof these sources when something insane is being claimed?

    1. fritoz says:

      good call, its always prudent to be skeptical of everything until you can prove it yourself, or are able to find appropriately vetted sources

  2. I was a young nurse in 1948 and came accross a ward where men and womden were mentally deranged because of the spanish flu , is this possible /

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