26-30 Sheep Facts

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26. Manx Loaghtan is a breed of sheep that can grow up to six individual horns. – Source

27. Ancon Sheep were a line of sheep bred from a single affected Massachusetts lamb born in 1791, they featured long bodies and very short legs and were desired due to their inability to jump over fences. They were later allowed to go extinct when no longer required. – Source

28. A sheep was one of the first passengers in a hot air balloon. – Source

29. It is possible for Sheep and Goat to interbreed, creating a Geep (or Shoat). – Source

30. There is a chemical that can be injected into sheep with so that their wool “peels” right off. – Source

31-35 Sheep Facts

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31. Sheep can be protected from parasites by dipping them in a liquid called sheep dip. – Source

32. The first ever condoms were made out of sheep intestines, and are still used today for people allergic to latex. – Source

33. FabFi is an open-source mesh network which brings free uncensored internet to developing nations like Afghanistan and Kenya. It was originally designed for tracking sheep in Norway. – Source

34. The reason for the size of a book can ultimately be traced back to the size of a sheep. In medieval times, sheepskin was used for bookmaking, and folding a hide in half three times produced a certain size of the book, which eventually became a standard even after we switched to paper. – Source

35. Central Park used to be home to sheep. They were moved in the great depression over fears the poor might eat them. – Source

36-39 Sheep Facts

36.  A ‘riggwelter’ is a sheep that has fallen onto its back and can’t get up due to the weight of its fleece. – Source

37. There is a brewery in Iceland that makes beer from fin whale testicles smoked in sheep’s poop. – Source

38. There is a virus found in Jaagsiekte sheep that regulates development of the placenta leading us to believe that some viruses are essential to healthy organisms’ life cycle. – Source

39. A genetic mutation in sheep called callipyge results in very large sheep butts. – Source

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