Here are 19 Interesting Tap Water facts.

1-5 Tap Water Facts

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1. Fiji Water once ran an ad campaign stating “The label says Fiji because it’s not bottled in Cleveland”. The city of Cleaveland responded by testing both Fiji water and their own tap water. They found 6.3 micrograms of arsenic in Fiji water, and none in their own. – Source

2. Coca Cola had tried to sell bottled water at a premium price which happened to be tap water taken from the mains. – Source

3. The Environmental Protection Agency regulations for tap water are “actually stricter than the Food and Drug Administration regulations for bottled water.” – Source

4. In Death Valley the ground is so hot, residents disconnect their water heaters in the summer and use the hot water tap for “cold” water. – Source

5. In the UK, restaurants must supply free tap water if they serve alcohol. – Source

6-10 Tap Water Facts

6. Clean tap water in a sealed glass bottle is still drinkable after 1000 years. – Source

7. The U.S. government adds fluorine (such as in toothpaste) to tap water to help the public combat dental problems. Conversely, fluorine in bottled water is not regulated; those who consume bottled water exclusively on average have more complications. – Source

8. There are tiny, invisible shrimp in NYC tap water. – Source

9. Using tap water in a neti pot can cause death by brain eating amoeba. – Source

10. Nasa created a machine that makes astronauts urine into drinking water more pure than U.S. tap water. – Source

11-15 Tap Water Facts

11. The EPA recommends that you should not consume hot water out of the tap, even if you plan to boil it, because of the increased risk of lead consumption. – Source

12. Over 13% of all tap water is lost to leaks. – Source

13. There is a parasite that causes encephalitis, has a 2-3% survival rate, and is contracted by washing contact lenses in tap water. – Source

14. People in certain areas of America can light their tap water on fire because of large amounts of flammable gases in their tap water. – Source

15. It is common for tap water in Iceland to smell like eggs, even when it is still perfectly safe to drink. – Source

16-19 Tap Water Facts

16. Too much copper in tap water can cause fingernails to turn green. – Source

17. Some theorize that a cat’s aversion to water may be due to their hyper sensitive noses detecting the chemicals in our tap water. – Source

18. Milky/Cloudy looking tap water is just a result of air bubbles. Cold water holds more air than warm water when under pressure. As soon as it reaches your tap the water is no longer under pressure, which then comes out of solution as bubbles. It clears naturally within moments. – Source

19. There is a museum in China dedicated to tap water. – Source

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