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30 Amazing Facts About Penguins

21-25 Penguin Facts

Image source: Penguin Foundation

21. A 96-year old lady from Australia knitted over 1000 tiny sweaters for penguins to protect them from oil spills. – Source

22. Pigeons, Penguins and Flamingos don’t feed their newborn young regurgitated food but instead puke up their own cells from the crop and esophagus made specifically to feed young. The sloughed cells have more protein and fat than mammalian milk. – Source

23. There is a German engineering company named Festo that designs swimming underwater robots that replicate the movements of animals using a “fluidic muscle.” They have working models of a penguin, a ray, a gull, and a flying manta ray blimp. – Source

24. Penguinone, an organic chemical compound, got its name from the fact that its molecular structure resembles a penguin. – Source

25. The Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Army is a penguin called Sir Nils Olav – Source

26-30 Penguin Facts

Image credit: BAS

26. Scientists can locate colonies of Penguins from space just by looking for dark ice patches of penguin poop. – Source

27. Penguins use supercavitation–a cloak of air around their bodies–to reduce hydrodynamic drag and swim faster underwater; fast enough to launch themselves up to three meters out of the water. – Source

28. Groups of penguins are called something different if they are on land or water. A group of penguins on water are called a raft. On land, they are called a Rookery or waddle. – Source

29. Fossils place the earliest penguin relative at some 60 million years ago, meaning an ancestor of the birds we see today survived the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Also, all but 2 species of penguins mate in groups of thousands, that’s right, penguins are orgy animals. – Source

30. Penguins emit their poop with four times more pressure than humans and practically shoot with their excrements. – Source

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