21-25 Recycling Facts


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21. One of the world’s most efficient recycling systems is found in Cairo, Egypt where the Zabbaleen people recycle up to 80 percent of all the waste they collect. – Source

22. LiquiGlide is a nontoxic, nonstick, coating for the inside of containers. It speeds contents out with a tilt of the hand. It’s made of food materials & is easily applied to food packaging to prevent condiments from sticking. This prevents waste & helps recycling rates. – Source

23. Investigators found 159 tubs of undelivered mail at a postal worker’s house in 2010. After 20 years at USPS, he was caught when his coworkers found his mail load in recycling bins, and his punishment was community service and probation. – Source

24. ISS is divided into two parts: American and Russian. Both collect water by recycling, but the American side extracts more water as it recycles urine too while the Russian side doesn’t. – Source

25. The air force has developed a method for disposing of waste (including biological), that allows for 100% recycling of metals with numerous other positive effects through the use of plasma torches. – Source

26-30 Recycling Facts

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Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

26. Cairo has a ‘Garbage city’ on its outskirts, a slum settlement whose economy revolves around collection and recycling of garbage. – Source

27. Millions of used American car batteries are being sent to Mexico for recycling and that is putting the environment and children at risk. – Source

28. Refuse and Recycling Collectors have the 4th most dangerous job in America, with 41 Fatal Work Injuries per 100,000 FTE (full-time equivalent) workers, not far behind Aircraft Pilots and Engineers at 57 Fatal Work Injuries per 100,000 FTE workers. – Source

29. Apple has a recycling program for all phones and tablets (not just Apple products). – Source

30. There is a Greywater Recycling System that captures water from your bathroom sink and pumps the reused water to your toilet for flushing. – Source

31-34 Recycling Facts


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31. “Recycling” e-waste often means dumping in Africa causing much harm to people & environment. – Source

32. A Chinese lantern caused a fire at a recycling center in the UK, which generated a 6,000-foot column of smoke and required over 200 firefighters and nearly 40 appliances from three fire services to extinguish. – Source

33. The US Navy paid a recycling company one penny to scrap the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga. – Source

34. Bic has a line of eco-friendly CO2-reduced stationary with pens of recycled plastic and post-it’s you can put in the paper recycling bin. – Source

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