40 Interesting Facts About Obesity

March 15, 2017
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  1. Brett says:

    #1 The source say they visit a nutritionist and a doctor to determine their eligibility prior to registration, but doesn’t say if they have follow ups.

    My main concern, especially when it pays double for families (including kids), is that people will be on unhealthy diets, starving themselves, and introducing more health concerns that what obesity causes.

    Paying people to do things like this to their body can easily turn into nasty things, especially when the poor can be the most directly affected by obesity when they have limited access to healthy food alternatives. And a desperation for money only accelerates that.

  2. Brett says:

    #10 It wasn’t mysterious. Miraculin is a great sweetener, and has very little adverse side effects, except when subject to heat. Most, nearly all, food (or mainly, in this case, drink) products that use alternative sweeteners go through some sort of heat process, if just for pasteurization. Heat doesn’t change the food chemistry, but it changes the way we taste sour foods, especially high acidity foods, which will taste sweet, which can trick people into consuming more.

    Your source was from “howstuffworks”. Any source that calls anything a “miracle food” is subject to further scrutinization. Since there’s no such thing as a “‘miracle food”.

  3. Chris says:

    Permanently ban advertisements on food and you could find a dramatic drop in obesity. Why do you need to know food is out there. I don’t need a constant reminder that food there to be eaten. If I had a eating disorder and/or prone to compulsive behaviors, maybe someone just can’t stop from buying because they see someone enjoying it, I would find myself 200lbs heavier than I am now because of all the food marketed. Have you ever experienced food envy (wishing for someone else’s plate of food at a restaurant), similar to that.

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