34 Interesting Facts About Musicians

August 10, 2017
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  1. Valentina says:

    You know that the world famous novel Moby-d*ck doesn’t have anything to do with penises?

    1. Valentina says:

      I get it. Well, I guess this form of censorship makes a novel now unappropriated language …

  2. Valannin says:

    #25 – There is absolutely nothing in the linked source to suggest that Percy Sledge improvised the lyrics of the song *during* its recording. In fact, it says quite the opposite, that the tune came out of improvisation, and the lyrics were written ‘that night’. After the original song had been written, suggestions were made by a local DJ which led to the changing of some of the lyrics. Sledge himself says that the story happened differently, and he had improvised some of the lyrics for a DJ at a show, but the final song was changed and improved before being written out. There is also nothing in the source that suggest that his session musicians “assumed” anything at all about the lyrics.

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