26-30 Nigeria Facts

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26. In Nigeria, the fufu ball, a staple food made from yam, is often not chewed but swallowed whole. Chewing fufu is considered offensive. – Source

27. Due to chronic infrastructure issues, the entire country of Nigeria’s power supply would only power one toaster for every 44 of its citizens. – Source

28. The age of consent in Nigeria is 11. – Source

29. A quarter of all road traffic deaths in Africa happen in Nigeria alone an average of 18 people per day dies while driving there. – Source

30. Banana Island is the richest part of Nigeria. its inhabitants enjoy such luxuries as underground electrical systems, water supply networks and 24 hour-electricity supply (the only other place such privileged is the Nigerian President’s residence). – Source

31-35 Nigeria Facts

31. Around 90% of women in Nigeria don’t use modern method contraceptives. – Source

32. Nigeria has its own space agency, which has launched 5 satellites since its formation in 2001. – Source

33. In 2016, a team from Nigeria won the English Scrabble World Championship by using a revolutionary strategy of short words. – Source

34. There is a 3-story floating school in Lagos, Nigeria supported by 256 plastic barrels it serves the local fishing community that likewise lives on the water in houseboats and stilted homes. – Source

35. Nigeria is the second highest consuming nation of champagne, only behind France. Yet 63% of their population lives on a dollar a day. – Source

36-40 Nigeria Facts

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36. There is a sacred forest in Nigeria that was saved from abuse and neglect by an Austrian woman in 1950s. It is now a UNESCO site where fishing and hunting is banned. – Source

37. There is the concept of fattening rooms in Nigeria where brides just eat to get fat. – Source

38. Nigeria never had a tourist industry to protect its historical heritage, natural sites, and many Nigerians also have little interest in them. Locals routinely dig parts of the thousand-year-old Kano wall and cart them home in wheelbarrows to use as house bricks. – Source

39. The Igbo clan of Nigeria have pottery dating back to 2500BCE making them one of the longest established clans existing. – Source

40. In 1961, the Catholic Bishops in Nigeria made St. Patrick their national patron saint. – Source

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