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14 Interesting Facts About Uruguay
June 26, 2023

1. The Laguna Garzón Bridge in Uruguay is designed as a circle, over the water. Its design forces drivers to slow down and to allow for pedestrian access along the one-way circular route, including crosswalks that allow pedestrian access to…

31 Interesting Facts About Submarines
June 24, 2023

1. During WWII, L Ron Hubbard once led a 68 hour battle against two Japanese submarines which he claimed definitely sunk, beyond doubt. An analysis later concluded that there were never any submarines in the area. – Source 2. In…

31 Interesting Facts About Antarctica
June 24, 2023

Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth, located almost entirely within the Antarctic Circle. It is the fifth-largest continent by land area, covering approximately 14 million square kilometers (5.4 million square miles). Unlike other continents, Antarctica has no permanent human…

25 Random Facts List #843
June 24, 2023

When crossword puzzles were first introduced to the US, they became an object of cultural hysteria. Newspapers warned of a crossword craze gripping the country’s minds. The trend was described as an epidemic, a virulent plague, and a national menace.

25 Random Facts List #842
June 22, 2023

All clownfish are born as males. One female lives with a group of males but only mates with one of them. When she dies her mate will become female. This change is irreversible.

17 Interesting Facts About Budapest
June 22, 2023

Here are 17 interesting facts about Budapest.

25 Kickass Random Facts List #841
June 19, 2023

There are 20 mountains over 23,000 ft in the world that have never been climbed.

23 Amazing Facts About Soda
June 16, 2023

1. A soft drink company made a soda containing lithium called “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”. Later, the company changed the name to the much simpler “7up” after Lithium’s atomic mass. – Source 2. Soda is fizzier in cans (vs plastic bottles)…

28 Interesting Facts About Cheese
June 10, 2023

Here are 28 Cheese facts.

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