29 Interesting Facts About Chile

June 9, 2017
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  1. Juan P. Thomson says:

    Really? Out of 30 intersting facts, 4 are about events that took place 40 years ago during Pinochet’s government? Sure, it was a dark period, but come on, can’t you find anything else of interest? 33 miners were rescued after months underground with methods and technology developed mostly in Chile, and there is no mention of it! The fact that we have vast amounts of natural gas that is frozen in huge chunks underneath the ocean floor -therefore not exploitable- is of no interest! That we extend from the driest desert in the world to Antartica, nobody cares, it’s all Pinochet, Pinochet, Pinochet, and things that happened 40 years ago! We are trying to get over a painful period in our history and “blam!!!”, we constantly get pulled back into it because people in other places of the world that haven’t got a clue about our history rub that period in our face ever-single-f***ing-day. Just for your knowledge, compared to the military dictatorships of Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Ethiopia a so so many others that were much, much worse, Pinochet’s government was far less bloody, and he peacefully -although grudingly and rather partially- gave power back to civilian government. Why don’t you let us forget, forgive, heal and move on? Everybody else seems to get that chance, why not us.

  2. kamryn says:

    this is grea

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