34 Interesting Facts About Farming

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  1. Haa says:

    Heh, 22#…. “The half motorcycle/half tank from Saving Private Ryan”…. yep, screw the historical and technical facts and names, throw the popcultural reference, because Americans won’t be intrested about something that they didn’t saw in some movie

  2. Harold says:

    #14 “Mauretania” is the name of an area in African (it referred to the area where the Mauri people lived) I think you meant Mauritania an Islamic desert nation in northern Africa

  3. Tom says:

    Without any further source I would say you have a spelling mistake in #22.
    “Kettenrad” ist Chain-Bike in German.

  4. Kristoph says:

    I was impressed by the coffee plantation, which I visited during my Bali holidays. I never tasted coffee luvak! But that for us, tourists, entertainment, for farmers – hellish work. Although the main thing is to love what you do. 👨‍🌾 Respect the farmers! https://emojis.wiki/man-farmer/

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