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Why Does Your Eye Twitch?
August 2, 2021

You’ve probably had it a few times in your life. You’re busy, going about your day, and suddenly, your eye starts to twitch. After about a minute, the twitching stops, and you are relieved, only for the twitching to resume…

How Does an Oil Spill Really Impact the Environment?
July 31, 2021

Most of us, if not all, have seen the distressing photographs of seabirds coated in oil after an oil spill. Some, fortunately, are saved after a thorough cleaning, but the impact of an oil spill reaches far beyond dirty seabirds.

6 Facts About Ants that will Freak You Out
July 28, 2021

Whether we want to or not, we usually see ants daily. In fact, they are so common that we rarely ever think twice about them. However, these tiny insects have their fair share of special characteristics bound to make you…

6 Disturbing Facts about Toxoplasma Gondii
July 26, 2021

Many microscopic horrors live on and around humans every hour of every day. You cringe now that I pointed it out, but we live with this fact without so much as batting an eye. But one such of these microscopic…

4 Facts About Earthquakes that will Shake You
July 23, 2021

An earthquake is an earth-shaking event. When the tectonic plates deep under the Earth’s crust shift or move against each other, shock waves travel up to the surface of the Earth. These shockwaves are what we experience as an earthquake.…

8 Things You didn’t Know about Scafell Pike Mountain
June 9, 2021

Located in Cumbria’s Lake District National Park, Scafell Pike Mountain is the highest mountain in England. It has an elevation of 978 meters (3,209 ft) above sea level and is part of the Southern Fells. Enjoy eight things you didn’t…

15 Interesting Facts about the Tour de France
June 7, 2021

One of the most prestigious and challenging sporting events globally, the Tour de France attracts millions of viewers each year. Here are 15 interesting facts about the Tour de France.

11 Crazy Facts About K2 Mountain
May 30, 2021

The majestic mountain, K2, lies in the northwestern part of the Karakoram range. Its actual location lies on the Pakistan – China border. It’s the second-highest mountain peak on earth after Mt. Everest. Being one of the few peaks that…

13 Surprising Facts About the Tudors
May 27, 2021

The Tudor family ruled England from 1458 to 1603, an era that was full of surprising events and cultural practices. Here are 13 pretty shocking facts about the Tudors. We just can’t get over number nine. 1. For some reason,…